Ms Boba Subscriber TOS

I. Coverage and Definitions

These terms of service are only applicable to essentialrandomness site, personal newsletter, and any events run through the subscription service. By subscribing to essentialrandomness, you agree to the terms laid out here. Some services, products, and events that are offered through this subscription may utilize third party platforms and services. In these cases, you understand that to access, utilize, or attend, you will be subject to the terms laid out by the platform or service used.

Direct payments on essentialrandomness are handled using Stripe or Paypal.

Any disputes relating to these services or this agreement are governed under California state law.

By subscribing, you consent to receiving emails. See opt out and privacy policy for more information.

These terms are subject to change at any time.


II. Services

The primary offer here is access to Ms Boba’s content and work itself. Through subscribing or supporting through other listed means (unless stated otherwise), what you receive in return is access to Ms Boba’s knowledge and skillset. This includes but is not limited to exclusive or non-exclusive access to Ms Boba’s blogs, newsletters, streams, coding repos, and other digital media. In some (but not all) cases, supporters may also receive early or limited access to some items. While Ms Boba may offer services, products, and events in return for your subscription, there is no guarantee that anything specific will materialize.

Any current offers to subscribers and projects actively being worked on by Ms Boba will be available to view on Projects and by reading her Blog.

III. Opt-out

Any purchases made are subject to the terms laid out by the platform the purchase was made on.

Subscribers can opt out of services at any time by canceling payment through their chosen service. If a service already paid for is not desired, it can be opted out by contacting Ms Boba. Ms Boba is not responsible for anything missed by the subscriber during the Opt-out periods.

IV. Non-Payment

Non-payment for services or a lapse in payment can result in subscription cancellation. Ms Boba is not responsible for anything missed by the subscriber during the non-payment periods.

V. Privacy Policy

Data collected from subscribers is limited to data collected by the platforms that provide payment and subscription services (PayPal, Stripe, Patreon and Ko-fi), as well as Buttondown, our newsletter provider.

These may include:

Ms Boba is not responsible for the management or protection of publicly accessible information. The data collected is used only to:

Who can access subscriber data?

Subscriber data may also be accessed by 3rd parties helping Ms Boba with data entry and processing, for example to help match subscription data across services, or debug issues with automations. In this case, effort will be taken to restrict access to the minimum amount of time necessary, and provide as limited access as possible.

This privacy policy is only subject to services offered through essentialrandomness and does not extend off site or to third party services. The subscriber should refer to the off site or third party service’s privacy policy when utilizing them. This includes payment processing through Stripe and Paypal.

How can I delete subscriber data?

To completely delete your subscriber data, you can contact Ms Boba. Note that the deletion of data will make it impossible to continue accessing services. Once the request is received, data will be erased within 30 days.

VI. Termination of Agreement

You may end your agreement with essentialrandomness at any point through canceling your subscription.

Ms Boba reserves the right to cancel your subscription any time at her sole discretion.

VII. Warranty

No warranty is provided and subscribers accept any products, services, or events “as is”.