About "me"

"The artisanally-crafted worksona of one of the many gremlins of the internet"

Ms Boba
Hard skills
Software engineering (staff lvl), marketing, entrepreneurship, writing very hot fanfictions, shitposting
Soft skills
Community and team building, teaching complex subjects to beginners, "figuring it out, somehow", system thinking, reading 2347298 non-fiction books a year, being terminally online
In training
Organization management, talking and working with lawyers, publishing content with more regularity
Software decentralization and interoperability, getting fandom people into modern web development and open source, parodies, building projects that make people go "what", despicable fictional characters
How boring the internet is these days, huge corporations, people saying you should nevermind, I'm trying to quit complaining about people
Currently working on
Building more of these projects and getting paid to build even more

Welcome to my Twisted Mind Professional Website

Since 2019, I've been building projects and communities that make the web a better, more joyous place. To this end, I've added marketing, business and many other skills to my software engineering background. I also introduced a diverse array of internet dwellers to open source development, and in many cases to programming itself.

You can learn more about the projects I built in the Projects section, and find out how to support my work on the Support me page.

Streaming schedule

The story so far

  • Got gifted my first computer and internet connection. Learned HTML (and Photoshop!) by building a Neon Genesis Evangelion shrine.

  • Repeatedly skipped highschool to hole up in my room and code my "fujoshi shit". Learned to use databases and PHP.

  • After graduating as valedictorian of my Computer Science class, I emigrated from Europe 🇪🇺 to Silicon Valley 🇺🇸 to work for a very large, very famous corporation.

  • "Got radicalized by the Tumblr porn ban". Or, in better words, realized the internet was getting really, really sucky and decided I should help do something about it.

  • After giving up "change from the inside", I abandoned my cozy online anonymity (and paid job) to figure out how to tackle the problem from within the web itself.

  • After taking classes in marketing and business, I launched a series of projects centered around fandom, tech education, and online communities. Still trying to make a living with them.