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The busiest time for a fujin: tax season.

Published on April 6, 2024

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It’s time for our April campaign! This is a special schedule for a special month :)

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  • Apr 4
    Let's go through the FujoCoded website!

    It's time for FujoCoded LLC's debut! With our campaign underway, let's go through our website, showcase some of its cooler features, and learn how they've been built!

    FujoCoded campaign
  • Apr 7
    Just chatting (for once)!

    With the middle lull typical of fundraising campaigns, let's take some time for ourselves. This is our first stream in the "just chatting" category. Come ask us about our projects, web development, or anything you can think of... mostly!

    FujoCoded campaign
  • Apr 8
    Let's build a sponsors shrine!

    Our campaign is almost at its end, so it's time to build our exclusive "sponsors reward": an exclusive section of our website to showcase those who helped us get started! Featuring both sponsors from FujoGuide and FujoCoded, our sponsors wall is sure to delight and entertain all our visitors. And wouldn't you know? This is the perfect chance to learn more about JavaScript development.

    FujoCoded campaign
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