February Streaming Schedule

Can't believe I didn't think about doing this before

Published on February 3, 2024

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For the first time ever, welcome to the official February streaming schedule announcement:

A megenta and white image announcing the new streaming schedule. It reads:

Coding streaming schedule (all streams at 3PM PST)

Feb 1st - BobaBoard Slot: Summer of Code Edition
Feb 5th - Duty → Pleasure / Reward tiers update → $upporters area
Feb 8th - Astrolabe: an editor for fandom
Feb 12th - $upporters Only: Secret Project
Feb 14th - RobinBoob:  Be Buy my Valentine
Feb 15th - RobinBoob: I’m single, but my blorbo is not
Feb 19th - $upporters ¢hoice: TODO list catch up
Feb 22nd - $upporters ¢hoice: TODO list catch up pt. 2
Feb 26th - Decentralization Corner: learning @proto
Feb 29th - $upporters/¢ollaborators Workshop: GitHub

See you on Twitch!

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Full Schedule

  • Feb 1
    BobaBoard Slot: Summer of Code Edition

    Every month, we dedicate a slot to BobaBoard work! This month, Ms Boba and collaborators walk through the "defining an ideas list" exercise required to apply for Google Summer of Code (but without applying for real).

    bobaboard slot
  • Feb 5
    Duty → Pleasure / Reward tiers update → $upporters area

    Starting with something I must do for my blog, then continuing to something I want to do for my blog: updating the $upporters reward tiers, then finally trying Turso and adding an authentication system with Lucia + Drizzle

  • Feb 8
    Astrolabe: an editor for fandom

    Come learn about Astrolabe, an upcoming text editor for BobaBoard and beyond! In this stream, we'll solve a long-standing problem with its bundling config. Expect tears, anger, and a whole lot of Vite + Rollup!

    beginners welcome
  • Feb 12
    $upporters Only: Secret Project

    A new project has been brewing in Ms Boba (& collaborators)'s secret lab! While we aren't ready for its web-wide debut yet, $upporters can get a sneak peak and come witness its creation.

    beginners welcome
  • Feb 14
    RobinBoob: Be Buy my Valentine

    In this Valentine's day special, we'll continue our rebuild of RobinBoob in Astro! Current plans include uploading images to Cloudflare , and building our characters search with HTMX.

    beginners welcome
  • Feb 15
    RobinBoob: I'm single, but my blorbo is not

    In this singles day special, we'll continue our rebuild of RobinBoob in Astro! On this day we'll finish up what we didn't get to on the day before, then move on to polishing our ship selector!

    beginners welcome
  • Feb 19
    $upporters ¢hoice: [To Be Voted On]

    Every month, $upporters get to vote on the topic of a special stream session! Past choices have included Astro starters, markdown plugins, as well as progress on existing projects. Check back later for more info on this month's choices!

    $upporters ¢hoice
    beginners welcome
  • Feb 22
    $upporters ¢hoice: TODO list catch up pt. 2

    $upporters voted to help me catch up with my endless TODO list (thank you ;_;), but, alas, "this TODO list got hands". Luckily, I can just make the executive choice to extend the catch up stream to one more day! Executive powers.

    $upporters ¢hoice
    beginners welcome
  • Feb 26
    Decentralization Corner: learning @proto

    On this edition of "decentralization corner", we look at one of the up-and-coming technologies in the social networks space: @proto, the protocol behind BlueSky. If time permits, we'll also look into generating a custom feed of Fandom Coders!

    decentralization corner
    beginners welcome
  • Feb 29
    $upporters/¢ollaborators Workshop: GitHub Edition

    With April 1st coming up, collaboration among the FujoVerse team is ramping up! To help our community help us, however, we need to do what we do best: teach them GitHub. On this stream, we'll go through an exercise inspired by FujoGuide issue 2 and test our material with our team and $upporters.

All times and topics are subject to change.

Schedule Changes

These streams were originally scheduled, but changed for various reasons.

  • Feb 22
    Wrangling our $tores: Shopify Edition

    The stores for our physical products (FujoBoard, Merch) are currently managed through Ecwid! Unfortunately, Ecwid's API has been–pardon our french–a pain in the ass. In this stream, we'll begin moving to Shopify, and learn how to use an Astro website starter!

  • Feb 29
    Help, please! WebDev Q&A + Code Clinic

    Code not working? WebDev concepts (and programming) getting you down? On this stream, you get to bring us your questions and issues, and we'll do our best to answer and solve them!